When Your Company Starts to Leave You Behind

Obtaining success for many entrepreneurs is quite difficult. However, even if you obtain success and your business model proves to be effective, that doesn’t mean that your troubles end there. In fact, for some entrepreneurs, that is where the trouble begins.

One of the biggest challenges that successful entrepreneurs can face is their business growing so large, or so fast, that it’s starting to leave them behind. A lot of founders find themselves forced to make a choice between remaining king and keeping their companies small, or handing it over to someone with more experience who can help them keep pace, and even, grow faster.

Are There Any Other Solutions?

If you are happy to keep your company small, or if you don’t mind handing your company over to somebody with more experience, then you won’t have to worry about finding another solution. However, if you want to retain a high level of power at your company but also want your company to scale effectively and grow larger, there are some good options for you.

For example, you could consider bringing in a partner who has capital and expertise. This way, you are free to do what you’re best at and your partner essentially pays for the value that you created. Bringing in a partner with a lot of capital and expertise can be extremely beneficial when it comes to scaling because they can help to finance the next phase of growth while you focus on the day-to-day running of the business.

Some people hesitate to take on partners because they are used to having full control and they don’t want to give any of it up. However, oftentimes partners can be a godsend, providing just the right amount of expertise, experience, and funds. If you take on a partner with Capitol, you can avoid being in a situation where you either can’t grow anymore or where you have to sell for the sake of the business.

Signs That Your Company is Growing Too Fast and You Might Need to Make an Adjustment

If you recognize any of these signs, it could mean that your company is growing faster than your capability to deal with it without making changes:

  • Your quality standards are not being met
  • Your employees are having trouble understanding your culture
  • Your resources are stretched very thin

You don’t have systems in place that will help to support your company’s growth

  • You’re accepting business that you really can’t handle properly
  • You’re breaking promises to customers
  • Senior employees have no idea how to be successful
  • Morale is low
  • It seems like everyone is overly stressed out
  • Deadlines are being missed
  • Turnover is increasing

Making a Decision

If you are seeing a lot of the signs that your business, then it might be time for you to make a decision before a catastrophe happens. The last thing that you want is for your business to go under because you failed to make a critical decision that would enable your business to adapt to its rate of growth.

Before you make the decision you should ask yourself what the most important outcome is for you. If all that you care about is that your business succeeds and it doesn’t matter to you whether you are a part of it or not, then consider selling to more experienced people. If you don’t care if your business grows, you just want to be in charge of it, then consider reducing the business volume and maintaining a small but efficient operation. If you want to be in the business and let it grow as fast as possible, then consider adding a capital-rich partner with expertise.
With a clear focus on your future business, your financial resources in place and a methodical plan to find the right business, you are on your way to becoming a business owner. Welcome.

Prior to purchasing IBEX, Chuck Harvey spent 35 years as CEO, CFO and consultant to the Fortune 500, Middle Market, Mainstreet and in the Start-up community, including spending time at PepsiCo & Price Waterhouse Coopers. During that time, Chuck oversaw three dozen buy-side / sell-side transactions on three continents, including a $35M sale of a Texas digital photography pioneer to a $1 Billion Japanese conglomerate.

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