IBEX M&A advisory is proud to announce the successful sale of the Veterinary Clinic to a private individual on June 13,2014. Veterinary Clinic is a most trusted and responsible animal care facility based in Mexico, Missouri that has been in operation since 1972. The Business is considered a “mixed” care facility because the range of animal care is diverse from large farm animals to small domestic pets. Don Hudson DVM, the owner, started the Business and is now one of two resident veterinarians working full time to handle all of the work that the Business generates. Currently, the Business splits its care between large animals and small in this proportion: 40% of the care is for the larger farm animals like cattle, swine, sheep and goats, and the smaller domestic animals are the typical cats and dogs kept by most families. The rear of the Facility is designed to handle drive-in access to the pens for the larger farm animals, which is very convenient for the customers.