International Business Exchange (IBEX) successfully brokered the sale of the business Quality Discount Turbochargers in Houston, TX on April 2nd, 2012 a undisclosed corporation. IBEX acted as the merger and acquisition advisor to the deal, helping the business owner list, market, wade through buyers, due diligence and a close the deal. Quality Turbocharger Components’ primary product / service segments are new and remanufactured large turbochargers, remanufactured small turbochargers, new manufactured waste gate regulators and other turbocharger parts. Large turbochargers, including electro-motive diesel (EMD) turbochargers, are used in industrial engines, oil and natural gas operations, and locomotive engines and can weigh over one ton. Smaller turbochargers are generally for vehicle engines and are remanufactured to factory specifications. All turbochargers are upgraded to present technological improvements and, as a result, perform as well and, most often, better than when they were new. Waste gate regulators regulate the boost of the turbochargers and Quality Turbocharger Components has a real niche in this market. From inspection and diagnosis to cleaning, repair, balancing, assembly and quality control testing, Quality Turbocharger Components is a first class operation with a well established reputation for high quality turbochargers and parts.