International Business Exchange (IBEX) successfully brokered the sale of the a professional search firm in the DeSoto, Tx area on May 23rd, 2017 to private corporation. IBEX acted as the merger and acquisition advisor to the deal, helping the business owner list, market, wade through buyers, due diligence and close the deal. The companys is based out of Dallas, TX and divided into two divisions, screening and background searches. The screening division provides employee background screening solutions to all organizations. They provide confirmation of identity by social security, original source and database criminal and civil searches at the county state, federal, and international level; statewide driving histories; urine and hair drug testing; verifications of employment, education, professional license, personal reference; Financial conditions such as credit reports, tax liens, judgements, UCC’s, and bankruptcy; electronic I-9’s; ID Badges; and workman comp. Once procedures are completed, packages of searches are provided to the client of all available information. They service the United States and do some work in Canada with half of their business located in Texas and the rest of it spreading throughout the rest of the United States. 95% of their orders are placed online while the industry average is 13%. The advantage to online orders are lower labor rates and faster report turnaround. They, like smaller firms, have better customer service than their larger competitors and the industry software that they use is just as powerful as any other custom written for the largest companies in their industry. They have the ability to do custom, ATS, and HRIS integrations that are in congruent quality to that of their larger competitors. The company purchases of service to resell are 42.9% of revenues compared to industry average of 12.4% in 2015. The company buys quite a bit of data through server integration. They also have the capability to customize a background screening solution. This customization can include: Custom Dashboad ( special look and feel with customer logo), Custom Specific Background Screening Packages, Specific user settings and Report delivery per user, Enable Branch settings if required, and enable SwiftHire or ATS integration on a pr account basis. The screening company is a wholesale division of it’s parent company. This Division is a full background screening company to help retailers and wholesalers obtain accurate and quick court information at a reasonable price. The company services both large and small retail/wholesale vendors. It has developed automation tools that can be shared to make a more streamlined entity. The companies strengths in the industry are they are an efficient machine that utilizes only the best researchers. With a combination of a proprietary database which is a collection of all counties that are not online, statewide and new dockets, the company can cut costs and eliminate the middle man by using internal researchers to verify information and pending cases. This database can also be sold to the retail market and is unique to other product in the market. This database is a collection of over 6 million records. They also diversified in data collection for large companies. With this collection they company can keep up with the data collected on their internal database. The company utilizes employees to do the leg work for the searches. These employees are experience to as the right question to retrieve the necessary information for the database. The company has a unique characteristic with their International processes that allows records to be cleared and processed faster and more efficiently.