International Business Exchange (IBEX) successfully brokered the sale of the business Custom Heliare, Inc. on December 27th, 2013 to a investment group. IBEX acted as the merger and acquisition advisor to the deal, helping the business owner list, market, wade through buyers, due diligence and a close the deal. The Company specializes in fabrication and packaging of custom designed lube systems, compressor packages, jacket water systems, chemical injection injectors, oil blending units. The Company also manufactures pipeline components. Additionally, structural fabrication capability is an area of services performed on a job-by-job basis. The Company is unique in that they are a full year advanced with their backlog bookings. Their services are highly sought after as their staff consistently strives to meet or exceed the customers’ scheduling requirements. The sale of the Company includes the land and building that are off balance sheet items. The Company’s product focus is working with customers who have an engineering staff that designs a product and requires a company to fabricate according to their specification. The Company that is offered in this package specializes in fabrication and custom packaging of these products for their customers. The Company has a wide range of fabrication specifications in which they offer their customers for their custom products. This experience includes fabrication in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessels, AWS Structural Codes, Piping Codes B31.1, B31.4, B31.8 and B31.3. The Company also can offer API Specifications, API 1104, API 614, and API 618. Key products that the Company custom packages include designed lube systems, compressor packages, jacket water systems, chemical injection injectors, and oil blending units. In each of these products, the customer supplies the components to the Company. The Company manufactures the foundation skid and then custom packages the final end user product. In addition to these products, the Company over the years has been involved in a wide range of fabricated products. Some of these included hyper baric chambers for hospitals and the U. S. Navy, training mock-ups for the shuttle program at NASA, skid mounted launchers and receivers, metering skids, extruded outlet manifolds, slug catchers, as well as aluminum landing craft for the Armed Forces that would achieve up to 25 knots. The Company has manufactured hot tap fittings and hi-yield weld fittings to MSS-SP-75 from ½” to 48” For the last fifteen years, the Company has been a reliable supplier for their engineered and discretely assembled compressor packages or auxiliary system skids such as lube oil and cooling water systems among other items.