International Business Exchange (IBEX) successfully brokered the sale of the business Cool Parts, LLC in Houston, Texas on October 5, 2015 to private individuals. IBEX acted as the merger and acquisition advisor to the deal, helping the business owner list, market, wade through buyers, due diligence and close the deal. In 2010, the current owners acquired and incorporated Cool Parts LLC into another business that they own. At the time, Cool Parts was nearly bankrupt, and the current owners were tied to the business as a source of parts and components. Thus, the merger of necessity resulted. In the interim time period, the business has been placed on a more stable footing. However today, lack of expertise, time and market forces have had their impact on revenues, and these sellers do not have the time and resources to devote to expansion of the business. Cool Parts LLC is a licensed Distributor for Goodman air conditioners. One of the strongest aspects of the business is the location that serves the greater Galveston, Clear Lake and Friendswood Communities. As a disclaimer, there is no written agreement between Cool Parts LLC and Goodman. However, a condition precedent that may terminate the relationship with Goodman would be the addition of other brands of air conditioner product lines and parts.