International Business Exchange (IBEX) successfully brokered the sale of the business All Star Drayage in Hutchins, Texas on October 2nd, 2015 to private corporation. IBEX acted as the merger and acquisition advisor to the deal, helping the business owner list, market, wade through buyers, due diligence and close the deal. Jamie Munoz commenced operations in 2008 after working in the transportation industry where he realized that an intermodal drayage company could differentiate themselves by focusing on client care and service. In seven short years, this bootstrapped Company now generates over $1MM in revenue. Although he is extremely proud of what he has accomplished, he would like to sell this enterprise so that he can focus on other businesses he also owns and operates. All Star Drayage LLC (ASD) is an intermodal transportation company. They provide drayage service in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The Company moves import/export containers from the trains in the nearby rail yards to the ultimate client’s location and/or returns with containers back to the rail yards for further deployment. Drivers “earn” 70% of the haul rate plus a percentage of the fuel surcharge (if any). ASD does not own any of their own trucks. They “lease” the owner operator and their trucks under exclusive agreements. There are no set minimum numbers of hours or loads provided under this agreement. ASD does pay the insurance. At present, ASD has 7 drivers under this arrangement. ASD looks to differentiate themselves from their competitors through good service and customer care.