5 Decisions to Consider before Selling your Business

Running the company, you make decisions all day. When it's time to hand over the reigns, know where you stand on these key point:

  1. Continuity-
    How will I transition my business? Give it to family? Sell to family? Sell to partners? Sell to management? Sell to a 3rd party
  2. Value-Will I accept market value for my business? Value Drivers 1) Quality of Financial Information 2) Customer / Supplier Diversification 3) Quality of team 4) Performance Consistency 5) Competition 6) Industry Outlook 7) Growth Opportunity​
  3. Realization-Have I structured my taxes to minimize leakage?​Story: We just sold a business where our client was able to reduce the effective tax rate from 34% to 16%, saving nearly $1.5M.
  4. Sustainability- How will I invest my closed deal?-This will probably be the largest check you ever receive.-You will lose your cash flow machine.-How can you make it work for your long term goals
  5. Legacy- How will I live? Start a new venture? Live on the road? Finish that novel? Start your ranch? Take a breather?

Chuck Harvey, is the owner of International Business Exchange, Inc., one of the oldest, largest and most respected M&A Advisories in the profession. Prior to IBEX served as CEO, COO and CFO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, thriving middle market companies and start-ups. His extensive financial experience with the public market, private equity and venture capitalists includes more than three dozen buy-side and sell-side transactions on three continents. He is also the found of Infusiac, LLC and The One 21, LLC.

Prior to purchasing IBEX, Chuck Harvey spent 35 years as CEO, CFO and consultant to the Fortune 500, Middle Market, Mainstreet and in the Start-up community, including spending time at PepsiCo & Price Waterhouse Coopers. During that time, Chuck oversaw three dozen buy-side / sell-side transactions on three continents, including a $35M sale of a Texas digital photography pioneer to a $1 Billion Japanese conglomerate.

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