When you partner with IBEX, you will be working with results driven, committed professionals

who understand the details and emotions involved in selling a business.




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Shake hands with the IBEX team - our associates are supported by our leadership, listing and operations team. This allows them to completely focus on you and the sale or transition of your business. IBEX is the largest privately held and family run Mergers and Acquisitions firm in the South. When this team isn’t on the road, you can find us all under one roof in beautiful North Austin.

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“Had it not been for the presence of this well experienced veteran, this transaction would not have materialized. This type of 'hands on' involvement is priceless in the pursuit of acquisition"


“Should I ever be approached by friends or business relations on a broker to help facilitate the sale of their business I can guarantee you, I won't hesitate to tell them about IBEX"


“We appreciate the support you offered and gave when it came to negotiating the price of the sale and helping us complete the contract"


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Russ Goforth Account Executive

Prior to IBEX, Russ Goforth was the owner and CEO of Preferred Respiratory Services, Inc. Started in Tennessee in 1994, he would later sell it to Lincare, Inc. in 2000. Prior to that, he was CEO of Preferred Medial Equipment Company, Inc. where over a five year period, Russ built a statewide organization and sold this company to Rotech Medical Corp. He understands the drama involved in deals and can help smoothly sail you through.

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