#72798FE - Manufacturer of Fine Hammered Dulcimers, Oklahoma

Business Description:

Operating from 40 acres of land which is included in the sale, this company manufactures Hammered Dulcimers, an instrument that has bought joy to the world for centuries. The company was started in 1979 and the first instrument was made from an abandoned piano. Loved and admired by the dulcimer community; every world champion has used the company's product since 1986. These instruments are sold to a worldwide audience. The company just acquired two CNC machines and built a separation room to keep the planning dust off the finished products. During Covid, the owner created the only on-line Dulcimer Music festival in the world. All employees have been with the company a minimum of 12 years. The owner has no social media skills and digital marketing is needed. There is also expertise in back office/accounting needed.

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Listing Price :

Gross Revenue: $ 568,882

Cash Flow: $ 112,671

EBITDA; $ 112,671

FF&E: $ 999,732

Inventory: $ 189,458

Real Estate: Owned

Included in Sale: Yes

Primary Business Type: Manufacturing, Musical Instruments

Secondary Business Type:

Year Established: 1979

Employees: 3 FT, 4 PT

Support & Training: Negotiable

Reason for Selling:

Office Reference : #72798FE

Contact : Charles Harvey

Email: ae@ibectx.com

Phone: 512-310-2966

Photo: Dulcimer

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